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Why sacrifice heat for flavor? Why sacrifice flavor for heat? With Spice Pepper Sauces, you don’t have to do either. All of this is wrapped up in our slogan when we use the word PASSION!

At Spice Pepper Enterprises, we use gourmet ingredients that create real flavor and sensational heat. Every Spice Pepper hot sauce and hot pepper powder for sale has passion, flavor, and fire.

We have a variety of hot sauces for sale, including Dragon’s Mustard, Goblin’s Elixir, Kodiak’s Brew, and Wasp’s Sting.

We also have hot pepper powder for sale. Our passion powders are perfect for adding the right amount of spice to your choice of food. Try the Pineapple Penetration and Strawberry Fever passion powder today.

Browse our hot sauce online store to learn more about our hot sauces for sale and hot pepper powder for sale. See if your tastebuds can handle the heat.