How To Choose the Right Hot Sauce for You

Looking for a hot sauce that will add passion, flavor, and fire to your food? Well, you came to the right place. Our hot sauces include Dragon’s Mustard, Goblin’s Elixir, Kodiak’s Brew, Wasp’s Sting, and Plum-Berry Storm. Each hot sauce has a unique blend of spice and taste. At Spice Pepper Enterprises, all our sauces are made with natural and gourmet ingredients. Now the question is, how to choose the right hot sauce for you?

Dragon’s Mustard

You have to be a true dragon tamer to handle the heat of our delicious Carolina Reaper hot sauce. This sauce is made with mustard, wasabi, horseradish, honey, honey mustard, and Carolina Reaper peppers. The combination of Spice Pepper’s Dragon’s Mustard and meat is expectational. The mustard hot sauce pairs well with pork, wild game, burgers, hot dogs, ribs, and pulled pork.

Goblin’s Elixir

The fruity fusion of fresh kiwi, cucumber, lime, and mint creates a citrus-flavored green sauce. Spice Pepper’s Goblin’s Elixir hot sauce is made with yellow reaper peppers and jalapeños. The Goblin’s Elixir is perfect for those looking for a citrus-flavored green sauce.

Kodiak’s Brew

Spice Pepper’s Kodiak’s Brew is a sauce made with coffee. A blend of applesauce with coffee, herbs, and spices makes a sweet-and-spicy pick-me-up hot sauce. We use chocolate habanero peppers and chocolate douglah peppers to create a spice forward flavor you will not be able to resist. Try this hot sauce on red meats, chicken, pork, rice, Chinese foods, and much, much more.

Wasp’s Sting

This is no ordinary wasp’s sting. Instead of a painful sting in the arm, this sauce will have your tastebuds feeling the heat of our yellow ghost and yellow reaper peppers. The tropical blend of banana, coconut, vanilla, and bourbon makes a delicious sauce that goes great on fish, shrimp, shish kebabs, chicken, pork, and even desserts.

Now that you know how to choose the right hot sauce for you, you can let your tastebuds explore our fiery hot sauces. Enjoy! Contact us if you have any questions about our hot sauces.

Plum-Berry Storm

Spice Pepper's Plum-Berry Storm utilizes ripe plums and blueberries to create a sweet slightly tart heat flavor profile that goes wonderfully on pancakes, waffles, tacos, chicken, turkey, pork, bbq, sandwiches, ice cream and much more. There is no denying it when a storm is brewing. The leaves blow in a different way, the smell of the air tells you rain  is in the area and the dark clouds roll in letting you know what to expect next. Plum-Berry Storm is reminiscent of a storm brewing. Just a smell of it gets your palate watering, opens your senses and prepares you for what's next. The heat is the perfect amount to let you feel the effects of a figurative storm inside you.