Passion Powders

Carolina Reaper Powder

Add some life and spice to your food with Spice Pepper’s Carolina Reaper powder!

We take pride in the fact that our Passion Powders are all-natural and sodium-free. To guarantee flavor, we use all-natural dried fruits and vegetables. Our Reaper pepper powder is all natural and all delicious.

Our passion powders are available in two different flavors, Pineapple Penetration and Strawberry Fever.

Spice Pepper’s Passion Powders will enhance the flavor of your food. Each bite of your food will be delicious and flavored with the right amount of heat.

At Spice Pepper Enterprises, we promise that all of our spices are packed with passion, flavor, and fire.

See if you can handle the heat and get your all-natural Carolina Reaper powder today! Enjoy!

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