Plum-Berry Storm

Spice Pepper

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Spice Pepper's Plum-Berry Storm: This strong concoction of ripe plums and sweet tart blueberries mixes nicely with the solid heat of the carolina reaper pepper. This sauce although containing the world's hottest pepper is only a 3 out of 5 on our heat scale. Its enough heat to let you know its there but comes in as our most mild sauce produced so far. Goes well on pancakes, waffles, chicken, tacos, pork, bbq, turky, sandwiches, ice cream and much more. 

There is no denying it when a storm is brewing. The leaves of trees blow in a different way, the smell of the air tells you rain is in the area and the dark clouds roll in letting you know what to expect next. Plum-Berry Storm is reminiscent of a storm brewing. Just a smell of it gets your palate watering, opens your senses and prepares you for what's next. The heat is the perfect amount to let you feel the effects of a figurative storm brewing inside you.